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Huntspoint Meat Company briskets help Top BBQ Teams win at the Sam's Club Regionals 2014 in VA.

**Grand Champion Checkered Flag 500 - 1st place brisket.

Grand BBQ Champion

**Reserve Champions BBQ Guru - 3rd place brisket.

BBQ Competition trophies

**Brown Liquor BBQ - 4th place brisket.

4th place wagyu Brisket Trophy

Congratulations Mark Gibbs , Bob Trudnak and Brian J. Walrath for the your cooking skills as pitmaster and top BBQ competitor.

Congratulations also go out to all that got calls in Richmond Va and is moving onto the Sam's Club National BBQ Championship in Bentonville, AR.

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Smoking Beef Brisket on the Big Green Egg

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 12:24:28 AM America/New_York

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What does it take to win a BBQ competition, one meat is brisket.

Monday, April 21, 2014 10:27:09 AM America/New_York

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The Benefits of Eating Japanese Tajima Kobe Beef

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 1:50:46 PM America/New_York


Authentic Tajima Kobe beef has healthy Omega 3 fatty acids which supports your heart health, improves cholesterol levels, and can even lower your blood pressure. Eat Tajima Kobe beef and live a healthy life.

 Tajima Japanese Kobe Beef


World's Highest End Beef

Saturday, January 11, 2014 6:26:46 PM America/New_York

The Japanese Wagyu cows are began in Kobe, Hyogo Japan. Kobe is the origination of the most legendary and delightful Japanese Wagyu beef.  The price of this legandary and the most delicious meat starts from well over $150 per pound. What is special about this meat, that makes it so pricey? This is the first question that comes into people's mind. Yes, it is very true that we all have the same question to answer. The reality is over $150 per pound is a very cheap price for real authentic Japanese Kobe Beef. There are several factors that make this meat very pricey.

Japanese Wagyu

What is the Best Way to cook Japanese Kobe Beef Wagyu Steaks

Saturday, January 11, 2014 6:19:48 PM America/New_York

As a best way to practice Japanese Wagyu Ribeye steak or roast it has to bee cooked medium rare to rare. In order to get the outstanding taste and tender, buttery, and juicy steaks with its aroma, the key is to do not cook longer hours on too hot temperature. When you are cooking Tajima Kobe Beef steaks, make it sure that you do not flip the steaks with a fork. Because using fork can poke a hole on the steaks that will eliminate the juice of the steaks. Some cooks prefer to cover the outside of the steaks with salt, or rubs 100% to seal it from loosing its juice during cooking period.

 The steaks needs to be cooked either medium rare, rare, or ensure that the juices of the steak will not be eliminated and flush out their juicy aroma while you are cooking the Japanese Wagyu beef. Our  Wagyu Meat is already very tender. The most important key is to ensure that the steaks are sealed with flames and rubs. Protecting steaks by sealing it with the flames, rubs or salt to prevent lose juicy aroma and tender texture is very important to have the most delicious steaks in your dish.  


Cooking Japanese Kobe Beef too long, over cooking or too long on too high temperatures will evaporate Kobe Beef Wagyu steaks juicy, buttery tender goodness. As a result, you will have chewy and tough steaks instead of juicy buttery Japanese Kobe Beef steaks.


Wagyu - A-5

The benefits of eating Japanese Tajima Kobe Beef

Saturday, January 11, 2014 6:05:53 PM America/New_York

The world's most known highest end beef is Japanese Kobe beef A5 grade that offers the best marbling. Tajima Kobe beef has Omega 3 Fatty acids in it that other cattle varieties do not offer. For example, other Cattle beef has Omega 6 that is bad cholesterol, and Tajima Kobe Beef Wagyu steaks has Omega 3 Fatty acids which are good cholesterol.



Every year more and more people struggle with bad cholesterol issues. Their health providers limits their red meat intake without any questioning. Because traditional Red meat has Omega 6 fatty acids that increases bad cholesterol. Increased bad cholesterol affects all of your body including your blood quality to heart conditions. Eating Tajima Kobe Beef will decrease the bad cholestrol and increase the good cholesterol levels due to its content. It is very juicy, very marbled, and the best quality meat that you can find on huntspoint.com


wagyu on the plate

Secrets of Kobe Style Wagyu Beef

Saturday, January 11, 2014 5:46:46 PM America/New_York

The secrets of people who love red meat and live Kobe Beef life style is the quality of the American Wagyu Kobe beef steaks that you can buy online today. Eating healthy red meat is possible with our Kobe Beef steaks that you can buy on huntspoint.com now. The demand for these steaks on the world is very high, and with the globalization of this century there have been various food items that have been completely exchanged and traded in worldwide. One of these most popular food is Wagyu Kobe Beef steaks.


 Japanese Kobe Beef offers an excellent delicacy. Today American food such as hamburgers have different outcome with Japanese Wagyu ground beef. It is more juicy, delicious, tasty and tender with Tajima Kobe Ground beef  that is also called the Japanese Wagyu meat that's the “kobe style beef”.

Wagyu beef on the grill

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Kobe Beef prices per pound?

Saturday, January 11, 2014 3:22:18 PM America/New_York

Finding Kobe Beef online from the right website is a mission. Huntspoint.com located in New York offers the best quality Tajima kobe beef online. The texture and the marbling is very important factor that affects the Tajima Kobe Beef prices. Each year in Hyogo prefecture there are very limited number of cattle that is raised by at leats 1000 days to get the right amount of marbling.


Japanese government allows Tajima cattle to live longer than any cattle in the US. Japanese government has very strict rules and regulations to raise Tajima cattle, that local cattle farms has to follow. Each cattle has certification at their birth that is proving the blood line of the cattle. Also, the Japanese farmer has to provide the paperwork to show that they fed the Tajima cattle with 100% natural and organic food to be able to get the certification.


Japanese Kobe Beef prices per pound?

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Did you try Kobe Style Beef ?

Saturday, January 11, 2014 2:10:04 PM America/New_York


Eating Kobe Beef steaks is a lifestyle that has very rich perspective that you will enjoy to discover. Eating Tajima Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks and its worldwide famous flavor offers a new way to live and drop eating old fashioned style beef. Everyone who knows Kobe Beef Wagyu life style should share exactly the same excellent flavor and top quality delicious steaks with their friends and family members.


Eating Japanese Kobe beef Tajima Wagyu Rib Eye steaks offers special privileges to people who know the difference between the ordinary Angus Rib eyes or other beef cattle ribeyes and Japanese Tajima Kobe beef Rib eyes that has the highest grade of marbling and buttery, juicy delicacy. The high end Dinner clubs, high end restaurants offer Tajima Kobe Beef in their menu in these days.

Did you try Kobe Style Beef ?

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Huntspoint.com Meats power teams to BBQ World Championship Wins

Saturday, November 23, 2013 12:27:08 PM America/New_York


November 22, 2013—Teams supplied by Huntspoint.com captured the overall BBQ World Championship as well as the World Rib Champion title.


A total of five teams took Huntspoint.com meat to the Barbeque division of the World Food Championships, held November 7-10 in Las Vegas.


Team BBQ Guru, the house team of the makers of the BBQ Guru line of barbeque temperature controls for competition and home use, won the World Rib Championship with Huntspoint.com’s Hatfield Ribs. BBQ Guru and Huntspoint.com have also set up a new site, http://bbqguru.huntspoint.com, which features BBQ Guru’s competition proven favorites from the Huntspoint.com lineup.


“I have been very impressed with the overall quality of the meat supplied by Huntspoint.com. The marbling in the meat and the thickness of the cuts are better than I have ever seen!” said Bob Trudnak, Pitmaster and World BBQ Ribs Champion of Team BBQ Guru (http://www.bbqguru.com). “Having meat that’s consistently of the best quality is just as important as using the best equipment, sauces and seasonings. We feel that we now have all of the right tools in place to continue to be a successful BBQ competition team.”

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Tips to Grill Meats Manually

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 6:23:14 PM America/New_York

The best way to Grill Meats Manual - Tips to Grill Kobe Beef Steaks Manually

1.         You can purchase Kobe Beef New York Strip Steaks, or Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks on Huntspoint.com. We ship steaks in frozen format via Fedex 2nd day delivery.

2.         Once you receive the frozen steaks from Huntspoint.com, you may follow these steps to have the best results for your grilling experience with Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks or Kobe Beef NY Strip Steaks.

3.         We may begin leading you with the most significant factors regarding grilling Kobe Beef Meat and Steaks You have to grill Kobe Beef Steaks, Kobe Meat, kobe beef  Ribeye Steaks pretty much evenly. Therefore you have to unfreeze frozen Kobe Beef Ribeye Steaks which is one of the most important measures to own the most effective BBQed steaks. Kobe Style Wagyu beef Ribeye Steaks or Kobe Style Wagyu New york Strip Steaks stays on the kitchen counter for around 45 minutes within normal temperature of a room. 


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Definition of Kobe Style Wagyu Meat and it’s Legendary Delicacy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 4:39:07 PM America/New_York

Kobe Style Wagyu Beef is certainly pricey and difficult to locate in the US.  Kobe Beef A5 Grade Steak cuts are very pricey that ranges from $100 to $350 per pound even in Japan. Kobe Beef steaks are extremely different for its delicious marbling of intensive amount of fat and wealthy buttery taste. Kobe Beef comes from the breed of Black Tajima Kobe Wagyu cattle from Hyogo, Kobe Japan. Nevertheless, American Wagyu cattle have been raised in America and some other parts of the globe such as Australian Wagyu Beef. Therefore it is called Kobe-Style beef or Wagyu Beef. American Wagyu is Kobe-Style Wagyu that has been raised in the USA.

Right now you might be questioning what’s so unique about this meat and why Kobe Beef A5 Grade is so pricey.  Let’s begin using the fundamentals to answer all of your questions. .  Kobe-Style Wagyu beef cattle genetically has way more intense marbling than any Angus Beef or other beef cattle. Kobe Style Wagyu steaks have the highest level of unsaturated fat amongst all of the cattle breeds in entire globe.

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Kobe Beef Price Per lb

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11:01:38 AM America/New_York

Kobe meat is called Kobe wagyu which is Japanese Cow, and Wagyu Niku (in Japanese Niku means meat) that arrives in the Kobe cows in Hyogo Japan. Kobe beef will be the globe well-known Japanese beef, recognized to the best Kobe meats, patties and meat burgers.

Kobe Wagyu or Kobe beef might be very quickly notable among every other kind regarding beef, Kobe Steaks. Kobe Beef has credited to their fantastic taste, gentle and tender sensation, together with a truly skinny body fat that provides it the marbled texture and consistency. This selection contains super high end meats which is accessible in few high end online stores such as Huntspoint Steaks <http://www.huntspoint.com> website. Kobe Beef A5 Grade steaks are pricey in comparison towards the nearby beef we've been consuming in the US. The number of Tajima cattle raised every year in Japan is limited to less than 3,000 per year.

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Tajima Wagyu Kobe Beef vs American Kobe Beef

Friday, July 5, 2013 5:15:43 PM America/New_York

The Difference between American Kobe Beef and Wagyu Beef

 Man kind loves to find differences between everything  to name things differently in life. Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef are the same way. From Japanese people’s perspective in Japanese language "Wagyu" means “Our Cow”, in other words "Japanese Cow". Any Japanese Cow is called Wagyu Cattle, or Wagyu beef in Japan. For example, Matsuzaka Beef is also Wagyu beef in Japan. (Matsuzaka is a city that is also known with their well marbled beef in Japan). In reality, Kobe Beef is a Wagyu as well. Because Kobe Beef is a Japanese beef, therefore, Kobe beef is also called Wagyu. Kobe beef  has several different names in Japan such as  Kobe niku (神戸肉) "Kobe meat"), Kobe-gyu (神戸牛) or Kobe-ushi (神戸牛) "Kobe cow.”

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Kobe Beef Hamburger

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 7:46:22 PM America/New_York

Best Kobe Beef Hamburger Recipes

Wagyu beef is the best meat that you can ever find in the market. Therefore the best hamburgers are made with Wagyu beef or some people call ir Kobe beef. Hamburger from Kobe beef is the best choice you and your family can ever have. Now you can find the Best Quality Kobe beef online at huntspoint.com and it is available not only for Mel Gibson,  50 cent or Kobe Briant, it is available for everyone.

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The Pulled Pork Sandwich Improved

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 10:43:14 AM America/New_York

The Pulled Pork Sandwiches Improved. The issue is the smoking process with the grill or the smoking technique. Try cooking over natural hickory coals and the grill should be slightly high over the coals. The pork should slowly cook and at the same time become infused with the hickory smoke. Make certain not to overcook any one side. The flavor that the natural hickory coals will add to the BBQ Pork or any other meat such as chicken or beef will make any gas grilling BBQ maven or smoke box cooker cry with shame.

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